Tcl/Tk scripting

At the moment the following projekts are ongoing work. If I find the
time I will provide the files and documentation here. Please write me if you are interested in something here.

ALPHA ware (not feature complete, buggy) PDF-works – a program for analysis of PDF files

  • PS-works – a PostScript interpreter
  • Bib-works – a BibTeX management programm (dedicated to my wife Sabine)
  • table.tcl – a Tcl library for spreadsheet like data handling
  • Tcl/Tk Ref – a Tcl/Tk reference for the Palm Pilot written with PalmTcl

BETA ware (working, buggy?) Bezier- just a little program where you can draw and play with bezier curves

  • MPP – a project administration program as a client-server application
  • iti – a client-server application for internet access through a gateway for small workgroups
  • tcal – a Tcl package for calendrical calculations

READY ware (supposed to work)

  • tclproj – a Tcl interface to the PROJ generic coordinate transformation software
  • upn-calc – a calculator using polish notation
  • TarKit – a Starkit for archiving of files similar to the unix utility ‘tar’. Read the README file for further details (the README is also contained in the TarKit).

VAPOR ware (some ideas)

  • Tcl’ers Wiki as PDF. A PDF representation of the Tcl’ers Wiki with working internal links and bookmarks.

Other stuff