Low German

Low German (or Low Saxon) is sometimes considered a dialect of the German language or regarded being a language of its own. My opinion is that Low German is a language in its own right. It not only has a greatly different pronounciation but also

  • its own grammar,
  • its own terms and syntax,
  • is pronounced and used differently in the various regions (i.e. has its own dialects)
  • and has developed individually and separately from German, starting with Middle Low German

On these pages, I want to contribute to the maintenance of the language, that it will be still spoken in the future and can develop further. Why? I love this language. It is the language of my grandparents and many people in the generation of my parents. I grew up surrounded by this language.

My projects on Low German can be found here, they are all written in German or Low German:

The two first projects derive from the book “Unsere Plattdeutsche Muttersprache” from Gustav Friedrich Meyer that was published in the year 1923. This book is now in the public Domain (in 2018). Maybe, I will perhaps put the original text online here at some point. My texts in the two projects are based on Meyer’s texts. I have changed, modernised and supplemented them where I found it necessary.

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