Engellenner family history

The topic that I am currently most interested in is the fate of my great-grandfather Wilhelm Ernst Eduard Engellenner (later he called himself Ernest Engellenner), born 7 June 1868 in Schleswig, emigrated to New York in 1891, married there and had children, went back to Germany (city of Kiel) in 1902, and died there in 1911. His wife and children then went to England (and probably to Ireland, where his wife Sarah came from), leaving Germany with a ship from Hamburg the 23 December 1911 and during the 1920ies to 1930ies they went back to the US, now with their own young families. A year before Ernest died, in 1910, my grandfather was born, but not by Sarah, but as an illegal child of Ernest and his cousin Friederike Karoline Christine Engellenner (they had the same grandparents). There are many questions connected to this and I am not even sure whether Sarah knew this. So, it would be the enormously interesting to hear what the New York Engellenner people know about him. I do not even have a picture of him and before I started researching him a few years ago, I only knew his name and the name of his cousin, my great-grandmother.

Read more about the Engellenner family in the genealogy section of this site. I will add more and more text in the coming weeks and months.