Multiplication by 9

I recently saw a video showing a shortcut for multiplication of two-digit numbers with 9. The typical way of doing this is multiplying the number by 10 and then subtracting it from that product, like so:

36 x 9 = 36 x (10-1) = 360 - 36 = 324

In the video, however, a nice shortcut was presented:
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Engellenner family history

Now is the time to start writing about my Engellenner ancestry. Had my grandfather not been adopted by another family (since he was an illegal child), I would also have carried the surname Engellenner that is the paternal surname at least since 1770.mere ... mehr ... more

Multiplication with reference numbers

About the creative use of a well-known multiplication method.mere ... mehr ... more

In the beginning ...

This will not be something very special. It is just a place to publish thoughts, random things from human life on earth …