myAnzan - a software for traininig mental calculation skills

Anzan (anzan) is the Japanese word for mental calculation. This program wants to help you with your mental calculation skills. The program will show numbers to you on the screen for a specified time and you try to add these numbers mentally. You can then see if you were right. As your skills improve you can reduce the time a number is shown or make the numbers larger and thus get more difficult exercises.
These pictures show how it looks like:

The start screen

A number is being shown

The result screen

Current features
• Configuration of the three values shown in the first screenshot.
• Calculating sums.

More possible features
• Subtraction, multiplication, division.

The usage is quite simple. Just follow the instructions on the screen. To quit the program hit the key on your keyboard.

Download and installation
The program is available via this link:
myAnzan for Windows (1.9 MB)

No special installation is required. Just place the file anywhere you like and start the program right away!