AbacusWorks - A Bead Calculation Software

This little piece of software is currently not under active development any more. Although it is of quite limited use by now, you can perhaps see the way it may take in the future.


The picture above is a screenshot of the Linux version.

Current features
  • Five different built-in abaci types: 2 Sorobans, 1 Suan Pan, 1 Roman abacus, and 1 Lego abacus.
  • Work with the abacus by clicking on the beads with the left mouse button.
  • Optionally display the numerical values of the rods above the frame.
  • Save the current abacus into a PostScript file for inclusion in other documents.
  • Exercise module for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and for mental calculation (anzan). Only addition and anzan are currently implemented.
  • Enter simple additions or subtractions and see the abacus calculate the result.

Future features
  • Error checking and better user interface.
  • Implement multiplication and division.
  • Allow user-defined abaci and change of the built-in abaci.
  • Exams: Present random exams (derived from Kojima) for practice and tests.
  • Suppport different rule sets (e.g. different division methods).
  • Provide proper user documentation.
  • A stopwatch for taking time while practicing.
  • Print exams or exercises onto paper rather than displaying them on the screen.
  • Mark the last moved beads with an alternative color.
  • Let the program "speak" via a soundcard (e.g. for exercises) [Jorge Meletti proposed this one].
  • Provide a "macro recorder" to replay certain actions or methods on the abacus.

From Version 0.1 to Version 0.2
  • Changed: Numbers are placed in the middle of the abacus (not the right end anymore).
  • Added: Unit markers displayed on the soroban.
  • Added: A second soroban type.
  • Added: Full screen mode for the abaci ("Escape" switches back again).
  • Added: A simple anzan module.

Download and installation
The program is available via these links (Version 0.2):
AbacusWorks for Windows (1.9 MB)
AbacusWorks for Linux (2.7 MB)

No special installation is required. Just place the file anywhere you like and start the program right away!

User feedback

Any feedback is appreciated. Be it feature ideas, bug reports or just an opinion. It is perhaps too early to send bug reports currently, because there are so many open ends in the program right now ...